Faq Categories: Media Planning and Buying

June 4, 2020
What is a Media Buyer?

A Media Buyer may be a professional planner of advertising budgets. Skilled at knowing how to reach demographics efficiently and effectively, a Media Buyer will take your ad money and make them work harder and smarter. Akin to a financial

June 4, 2020
What is an “ad buy”, or media buying?

An ad buy is your order for advertising space with a media company. Media buying refers to the acquisition of advertising inventory altogether sorts of media. We buy Traditional Media like TV, radio, buses, billboards, and print. We also purchase

June 4, 2020
Why would I hire a media buyer rather than purchasing ads on my own?

You probably don’t choose your retirement allocation without consulting with an expert. Likely you let your CPA do your taxes. When writing contracts, you hire an attorney, and when allocating an advertising budget, smart marketers and business owners use knowledgeable

June 4, 2020
How much does hiring a Crayons media buyer cost?

Hiring Crayons adds no cost to your marketing budget. We don’t have fees or retainers. We make an industry-standard commission of the general ad buy and that we are compensated with an equivalent percentage on all ad buys, so we

June 4, 2020
How do Crayons protect my advertising money?

We manage your media buys with laser focus. Combing through invoices and delivery reports with a fine-tooth comb, managing the ad buys may be a part of our full-time media buying job. Ours specialize in ensuring accurate delivery is paramount

June 4, 2020
What is Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic Buying?

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a type of programmatic purchasing that buys impressions one at a time, based on demographic targeting. Buyers bid on an impact, and if they win, their ad is instantly displayed. All RTB inventory is non-guaranteed. RTB