Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – How They Work

Google Ads

Google Ads with its paid search based offerings, lets business owners target users supported the search query they enter on Google, also referred to as keywords. Primarily text-based, these ads are aimed toward showing relevant promoted results to users which will help them in their search further.

From a user’s point of view, when they perform a Google search for a particular keyword, they are shown pages of results are usually less than one second. But at the beginning of every search result page, the initial few listings (the ones with the tag “Ad” on them as seen below) are the promoted listings that advertisers have paid to showcase when that specific keyword is searched.

From an advertiser’s point of view, the Google Ad platform lets them create campaigns that will only appear when users search a keyword that they need to advertise for. For an even more targeted approach, local businesses can target people searching for their keywords in specific geographic regions. That way they don’t waste paid clicks on a customer in Wyoming who will probably never visit their mechanic shop in Florida.

Once these campaigns are set up, your ads enter bidding round with advertisers who have selected similar keywords. And finally, Google will show the ad that has the very best bid and with the foremost relevant content. Of course, there is an army of tools Google provides to set up these campaigns but these are the basics you need to know.

Facebook Ads, on the opposite hand, allows you to target your ad to people who supported the behaviors and patterns you select as a targeting profile on its platform. Unlike Google Ads, it’s not supported by a user’s search query. Not only does it provide a wide range of targeting options based on demographics, but it also lets an advertiser target users based on their behaviours, likes, and dislikes.

For these reasons, you need to make sure you truly know your customer. If you would like help figuring this out, one among our social media advertising experts can put together a customer avatar profile for you.

What Exactly is that the ROI for Google Ads vs Facebook Ads? How Do We Determine It?

Relying on mass communications in local newspapers and then hoping that someone sees their ad and visits them to make a purchase. Not knowing needless to say how effective their recent advertising campaign was.

We have come a long way from those times and today business owners and advertisers have advanced digital tools at their disposal. The newer advertising technologies let them promote their businesses in different ad formats all while targeting specific customers.

It gets better…

Computer science and data analytics have made it possible to track these campaigns and count conversions down to the very hour that they occur. It is wonderful how advertising platforms tag every visit to your website that happens through the ads. Further, the tag follows them even while they create a sale or bounce off. This level of detail means there is more data than ever before to help you optimize your campaign’s performance.

We at Crayons Digital, have technical experts that love taking on this challenge. We track conversions daily and explain to business owners how their campaigns are performing.

The ability to retarget those past visitors is when the important ROI gets rolling. Because now, you are not only sending out touches to users once and hoping that they purchase from you. Instead, you are retargeting everyone who visited your website but did not convert.

Online advertising (Google and Facebook Ads) can help you: 

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase the spread of information
  • Drive buyer behavior
  • Provide reminders to curious buyers
  • Use repetition to improve sales
  • Provide multiple purchase pathways
  • And those are just the beginning.

Marketers have been studying consumer behavior for years, and in that time we’ve uncovered quite a few interesting principles that point to why ads work so well.

Our Recommendation within the Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Debate

If the judgment is going to be based on return on the actual investment dollars spent, Google Ads has often proved to be the undisputed king. The fact that we managed to achieve more purchases all by utilizing a lesser ad spend, goes on to show the effectiveness of Google Ads in terms of ROI.

The answer might surprise some but from what we saw through this test, just reconfirmed what we have believed for a while. If you’re a replacement business and wish to form a tough choice supported getting more sales immediately, a lead campaign on Google will provide you with a better return on investment, based on the outcome of a sale.

Even though Google Ads generally requires a larger advertising budget, they also require experience. Google wants to deliver the best to its user, so you have to deliver the same. The quality of your ad and website content instead of the ad spend maybe a significant Google ranking factor when it involves ad bidding wars and your ads being shown over the competition. To make sure you’re the triple threat you want to be, we highly suggest working with an agent who has advertising experts in your industry.

So with all of this being said, if you’re a replacement business with an honest budget and an easy goal, Google Ads could be the simplest option for you when looking for an easy answer within the battle of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.