Faq Categories: Lead Generation

June 4, 2020
What is lead generation?

Companies use lead generation as a marketing tool that initiates consumer interest in their services. This lead creation happens through a spread of means. At Launch Leads, we use lead generation to attract and convert business prospects into genuine interest.

June 4, 2020
Does Launch Leads guarantee results?

We lead the industry in B2B Sales Leads and Appointments for a reason. Getting your qualified appointments based on your targeted demographic is what we get paid to do. With our Performance-Driven Model and our high output, you’ll get an

June 4, 2020
How long does it take to get started?

Immediate. We begin working the moment our agreement is executed. Our onboarding team begins the process by working with you to create an implementation timeline. We start preparing your campaign for launch and will schedule several collaborative onboarding meetings.

June 4, 2020
How do I know I will get a qualified sales opportunity?

Qualifying is our business, and we excel at it. We focus on generating sales leads that meet your qualification criteria. We are passionate business development professionals with a proven track record of delivering exceptional value with unparalleled ROI. It is

June 4, 2020
Which industry can use lead generation?

List of Industries That Can Use Lead Generation IT (Information Technology) Financial Services Software Merchant Medical Advertising Research and Consulting Cleaning Services Logistics Education and Training Hospitality Manufacturing and Distribution

June 4, 2020
What is lead generation in digital marketing?

In digital marketing, lead generation focuses on getting people to declare their interest in you by sharing giving you something of theirs. An email address, a completed form, a Like on Facebook, or an @ mention on Twitter, a download

June 4, 2020
What is lead generation vs. demand generation?

You have a product or service. Nobody knows about it and/or has a high opinion of it. The demand generation changes that. It brings you the attention and gives people a reason to get excited about what you’re selling. Then,

June 4, 2020
Why is lead generation important?

All that revenue you want? It comes from customers. All those customers you want? They start as leads. Lead generation is as essential as the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the decadent craft suds you down. No